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7 Free Small Business Resources (Invoicing & Legal)

Want to still look professional but are on a limited budget. Here are a few of our favorite free tools to Invoicing and gathering legal documents. While these are great for a quick go to, we can’t stress enough the need for someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to legal work. When it comes to invoicing there are pages of different paid and free (up to a certain amount of invoices) to choose from. Make sure to go through all the benefits of different software to see which is the best fit for your company.

Docracy  Legal documentation, created by a user base. While most are well put together and well written, remember that they offer. They cover everything from Non-Disclosure agreements, Consulting, Rental Agreements, and privacy policies. If anything they will provide a solid base to work with.

Free Invoice Generator The title says it all, this is a no thrills invoice generator. You enter your information, the information of the person you are selling to and it takes care of the rest. Add as many items as you want, you can then add discounts, shipping, and tax. Then with one click you turn your invoice into a PDF for emailing or printing. What I love the most about this site is that they don’t try to sell you anything. Invoice to Me is just like Free Invoice Generator but allows you to tweak your final invoice a little bit more. With this website you can add custom wording before and after the invoice which is nice if you don’t collect right away and want your customer to be aware of when their bill is due. You can also add or delete rows as you see fit. Like the earlier site the files can be exported as a PDF for printing or emailing. They do allow for adding extra features for a price like estimates, tracking of time, expenses and mileage. Recurring Statements. Accepting payments online (the free version does allow for PayPal payments).

Kiss Kiss is a “Keep it Simple Security” for startups, they only offer two simple forms but when you want to start bringing more capital into your business and go seeking VCs, instead of paying for all the legal work they provide it all for you. They do warm you ahead of time to check with a lawyer before signing anything but its nice that you have something to start with.

Shake Simple way to create agreements and send them to all parties involved to have them signed and legal binding. Shake helps cut out all the paperwork you need to carry with you to get signed. They also provide a few of the most common templates that you can use. It is free to use, but I do believe that after a while they will start adding on paid for items. Its a unique idea however I don’t know how legally binding the contacts actually are.

Wave Ideal for small business owners who are looking for fast and easy accounting and invoicing. Everything they offer is free of charge with the hopes that you use them for payment processing where they make their money. They offer free services for Accounting, Invoicing, Lending, Payments, Payroll and Receipts.

Know of any tools you think should had made the list, leave a comment below and I will look into them.

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