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Bookmarks are a intelligent way to keep your business top of mind.

Grab their attention every time they sit down with their favorite book. Or make sure your company or business sticks in their mind when they need to save a recipe in a cookbook. Custom bookmarks are great for all kinds of businesses as well as school teachers, book lovers, libraries and used book stores. Bookmarks can be made from durable cardstock or rigid plastic. Most finishing options used on business cards also apply on bookmarks. Make a great gift for churches, teachers, and libraries.

Plastic Bookmarks Cardstock Bookmarks UV Spot Bookmarks
Plastic Bookmarks

Strong and waterproof plastic bookmarks. Great for little kids that tend to bend, flex and fold bookmarks. Also great for cookbooks since they can hold up to getting wet and wipe clean easy.

Premium Cardstock Bookmarks

Made of strong and durable cardstock these bookmarks will hold up over time and look great inserted into any book. One of our cheapest versions, they are great for giving away in masses.

UV Coated Bookmarks

Want your bookmark to stand out over everyone else, try adding spot coating to your bookmark and bring something different to the books.

How many should I order?

At the low price that can be found when you order custom bookmarks, make sure you order plenty. Many customers may want to pick up an extra for friends and family members. You may also want to leave a stack of promotional bookmarks behind when you call on your customers or visit the local library. Before you know it, you’ll have your entire town advertising your company through the use of their attractive new custom bookmarks that prominently display your company’s information.


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