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Catalogs to Increase Bookings

Showing your customers everything you have to offer is one of the easiest ways to get them to become repeat customers. This travel company found out that by keeping their company and their message top of mind with past customers that the customer is more likely to book again through them.

Challenge: An small travel company, wanted to increase its online bookings for specific destinations that would provide the best profits for their company. They wanted to showcase these places with pictures and text to their customers who have booked with them in the past.

Solution: We sat down with the company and designed and released an elegant uncatalogued with a mix of information and editorial. Engaging their customers before inspiring them towards a holiday whether it’s a short break, luxurious holiday or world travelling trip. The catalog features phone numbers throughout dedicated to different needs, allowing the company to track the bookings and therefore revenue that comes from the publication. The catalog was very eye catching with many calls to action prompting unsure customers to book with them. They have designed multiple catalogs using their knowledge and expertise depending on the adventure their customers may be interested in.

Results: One in four customers booking a flight through their website. 40% visiting their website while 18.5% called direct and 18.7% visited in person to book. On exit surveys with customers over 30% said it was due to having the catalog on hand and keeping a vacation top of mind.

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