9 Reasons to use Print in Your Next Marketing Campaign

With the induction of social media and the cycle of things going in and out of people’s minds quickly. This is the best time for businesses to look into a shift in their marketing. Today when you think of traditional marketing the first things that would come to mind would be blogging, web articles, social media, and ads on google and bing. That would make print something unique and an outside of the box marketing.

1. Holds customers attention longer.

When people are online, their attention is pulled in different ways. One their phone they have push notifications, on a computer you have ads on the side of pages or an ever filling facebook or twitter feed. When customers hold onto something printed, it is just you and the customer at that moment. Outside distractions are limited to the persons on surroundings.

2. Readers remember and comprehend more.

During the USPS study, participants who saw printed ads were more likely to remember the ad, and their purchase intent increased overtime when the ad was shown over time to the same participant.

3. Works in combination with other advertising.

Adding links and QR codes to your printed materials allows for businesses to move customers from physical to digital with little effort. To do the same the other way around requires much more work.

4. Raises awareness over time.

64 percent of B2B companies create unique content to keep business of those 70 percent are using direct mail to help keep their business and products top of mind with customers and clients.

5. Attention-grabbing.

Brands are more likely to be remembered when the customer has a physical link to their product or an idea that what they have to offer is tangible.

6. Print gives an emotional reaction.

A study at Temple Univesity looked at 9 different attributes associated with physical vs digital media and found that an emotional was more associated with physical media.

7. People are looking to unplug.

Studies indicate that people check their phones on average every 6.5 minutes. With such a sharp rise in usage people are now looking for more ways to pull back and not have their faces buried in technology. This allows for print marketing to take hold and help people break away from their devices and bring their attention to traditional media.

8. Physical printing excites people.

With the decline in mail, when people do get something they are more likely to get excited when it arrives. People are now more likely to hold and read through.

9. Costs are constant

One of my biggest gripes with online advertising is that it isn’t an even playing field. If a keyword becomes more popular you are expected to pay out to compete. With print, everyone is on the same playing field. Want to send out mailers to everyone who lives in your city, you pay the same price and everyone else who wants to do the same.


Catalogs to Increase Bookings

Showing your customers everything you have to offer is one of the easiest ways to get them to become repeat customers. This travel company found out that by keeping their company and their message top of mind with past customers that the customer is more likely to book again through them.

Challenge: An small travel company, wanted to increase its online bookings for specific destinations that would provide the best profits for their company. They wanted to showcase these places with pictures and text to their customers who have booked with them in the past.

Solution: We sat down with the company and designed and released an elegant uncatalogued with a mix of information and editorial. Engaging their customers before inspiring them towards a holiday whether it’s a short break, luxurious holiday or world travelling trip. The catalog features phone numbers throughout dedicated to different needs, allowing the company to track the bookings and therefore revenue that comes from the publication. The catalog was very eye catching with many calls to action prompting unsure customers to book with them. They have designed multiple catalogs using their knowledge and expertise depending on the adventure their customers may be interested in.

Results: One in four customers booking a flight through their website. 40% visiting their website while 18.5% called direct and 18.7% visited in person to book. On exit surveys with customers over 30% said it was due to having the catalog on hand and keeping a vacation top of mind.

Direct Mailing Increases Donations

Making sure every dollar you spent and spent on making the best choices for your charity is what most non-profits want. So when a charity needed a way to increase donations by the end of the year they turned to us to help them achieve their goals.


A nonprofit charity needed funds to operate and provide assistance to the community, yet the Director of Development felt the odds of increasing donations in the current economic environment were against them. He wanted to improve the effectiveness of their previous donation campaign—a hand- addressed holiday card sent by a staff of volunteers.


 We presented a completely new approach to meeting the charity’s need for donations. We developed a direct mail solution that included a fresh, new graphic design for direct mail letters and a new greeting card design.The direct mail campaign targeted two distinct groups of donors: 2,000 businesses and 13,000 individuals.A personalized appeal letter, personalized donor card and return envelope were included in each mailing.The messaging of each appeal letter and card varied for each group. For businesses, the donor gift card copy was straightforward and suggested multiple gifts, including the idea of a gift list. The letter for individuals included a personalized card indicating the last gift amount donated, with suggested “move-up” amounts.


Due to the personalized messaging for each group, along with the fresh design, this direct mail campaign resulted in a 30% increase in donations over the prior year.



Improved Outreach with Variable Printing

When a local business wanted to have their customers return during slow times of the years they turned to Kelly Commercial Printing for help. We sat down with the company to see where they could go about getting customers to return.

Challenge: The VP of Marketing for a local business wanted to increase traffic through their current loyalty program. He wanted to be able to reward his customers based on the amount they had spent in store over the year, and offer free gifts for their birthdays and other special events during the year. They approached us to help develop their customer outreach mailing.

Solution: First, we evaluated the database information the business had collected about their customers. Then,we created a birthday card to mail monthly to all customers with a birthday that month. The card included special offers on products, cash and other incentives. The offers varied for each customer based on the amount of money they spent in the prior year, as well as their frequency of visits throughout the months. For example, if a customer tended to only come in during winter months we would send deeper discounts for spring and summer month promotions to get them into the door.  The variable birthday card offers had up to eight different fields and a bar code that the business could scan upon redemption for further tracking. We worked with the business to develop offers appropriate for all customers.

Results: The variable birthday card proved to be a great way for the business to get their customers tore visit the property to redeem the offers and shop more. The coupon bar code helped them track redemption as well as the effectiveness and timeliness of the birthday card program.