Custom Restaurant and Food Menu

Custom Menu Printing in Philadelphia
Custom Menu Printing in New Jersey

We dish out some amazing looking menus.

Different sizes, formats, and styles, we can get the right solution for your business. With different binding options, types of papers and coverings we have the right product to fit your companies needs. Don’t have the time to put together the menu yourself? We offer a full service solution to get your menu from start to finish so you can focus on whats most important, your business.

Get the most out of your menu.

• Laminate your menu to make it last longer.
• Want a more upscale look, we offer custom embossed menu holders.
• Need suggestions for the right size, we have templates for every size.
• Wire-o bind in different colors and different sizes.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you offer lamination on your menus?
A: We do so your project is always protected.

Q: Do you offer professional design?
A: Our design staff can help you from start to finish so your project fits your needs..

Q: Can I get a custom-sized menu?
A: Of course, we can offer different sizes and even offer custom die cutting for a more stand out look.

Custom Printed Posters

Custom Printed Posters in New Jersey
Custom Printed Posters in Philadelphia

Get your message across to your clients and customers.

Whether you’re trying to message customers, employees or guests at an event, custom posters are a great way to stand out. Different spaces all need different types of posters, and a huge variety of sizes lets you take advantage of almost any open space.

Get the most out of your poster.

• Use vinyl and add grommets to hang a sign and make it easy to store.
• Laminate the poster to make sure it stands up in even the worst situations.
• Choose premium glossy cardstock for a can’t-miss shine
• Try our sturdy foam boards for a more professional look

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you offer lamination on your posters?
A: We do so your project is always protected.

Q: Do you offer double-sided printing for your posters?
A: We can add double sided printing, and have different ways for your sign to hang.

Q: Can I get a custom-sized poster?
A: Of course, we can turn your counter sign into a banner.

Sales Sheets

Do you deal with customers and clients and offer a product or service? Then you most likely use or need a sales sheet. A sales sheet is a great piece of promotional material to leave behind or mail out to clients and customers. What goes into a great sales sheets, what will grab the readers attention, what else do you hand out with the sales sheet?

Custom Sales Sheets in New Jersey
Custom Sales Sheets in Philadelphia

Sales Sheet Paper Stock

Most sales sheets are 8 1/2 x 11 on 100# stock. If you really want to make your product or service stand out we suggest different paper stock. If you sell outdoor products or something more focused on building we would suggest an organic material that reflects your business. A recycled stock might be something that you client would see as a reflection of your company. If your client is someone who tends to work in an area that the sheer might get wet or dirty, we offer stock that would hold up longer over time and with more ware. We might also suggest having your sales sheet laminated for worst of conditions. With a large variety of paper stocks and finishing options we can find something that works best with your company and clients.

What to put on your Sales Sheet

Most sales sheets are a 8 1/2 x 11, so while you might think that you should cram everything you can onto both sides it might not be what your customer wants. How many times have you been given a flier or seen an ad with just paragraph after paragraph of text? People want the facts, quick easy and in a easy to read order. People also want to see pictures if you are selling a physical product. A sales sheets is more of a this is what we have to offer, the sales person should be the one answering the more involved questions. A good sales sheet would show your customer why you are different from everyone else, make sure that you highlight the facts that make you better. The last and most important thing a sales sheet needs is a call to action. What good would it do if the customer wasn’t given a way or told to contact you. We are willing to help you with all the steps along the way of putting together and printing your sales sheet.

If you want to know more about sales sheet printing from Kelly Commercial Printing, do not hesitate to ask us. Contact us at 215-860-1902 or email us anytime at We’d love to hear from you!

Custom Sticker Printing

High Quality Vinyl Stickers

Custom Sticker Printing in New York
Custom Sticker Printing in Philadelphia

In all different shapes and sizes, from the simple square to a custom die cut shape. Perfect for all types of businesses and for personal use. Quick turn around, depending on the shape of quantity. All stickers can come on custom rolls for easy dispensing. Great items to give away to customers and clients so your company stays top of mind. Stickers can be used in situations such as product labels, business card stickers, window decals, bumper stickers and so much more. Have an idea for a sticker you think people will love? Try a small quantity and move up from there. Most popular stickers include the die cut shape stickers, circle and oval stickers, rectangle and square, bumper stickers, sheet stickers, kiss cut, rounded corner, clear backed, transfer. We can also produce large wall stickers for businesses or rooms. Also floor graphic stickers for enteric ways or for directing customers.

We can also produce mailing label stickers as well as return address labels, custom shapes and sizes for all postal needs. Inquire today to get your project going.

Contact us for help setting up your files or if you would like templates to lay the project out yourself.


Custom Catalog Printing in New Jersey
Custom Catalog Printing in Philadelphia

A full color catalog is one of the best ways to showcase products, pieces, or information to your customers and clients. Kelly Commercial Printing had the ability to print and bind catalogs. From catalogs as small as five pages, all the way up to full one hundred plus page catalogs. We can accommodate most sizes and paper stocks to make your catalog fit your business needs. At Kelly Commercial Printing we believe that your products deserve to be displayed with the highest quality of printing. We strive to meet that goal and ensure that they are.

Printing Capabilities

Kelly Commercial Printing have the capabilities to target your customers and mail the catalogs directly to their home or business. Your time is better spent focusing on your business and growing that, we can take care of the hard work in getting your message to your customers and clients. We strive to have cutting edge knowledge when it comes to high quality printing, binding and mailing services. Call or email us today with your ideas and we will turn them into a reality.



Counter Cards

Custom Printed Counter Cards in New York
Custom Printed Counter Cards in Philadelphia

Have a new promotion you want to inform your customers about? What about a sale that is currently going on? Do you want to promote an event or charity? A Table top easel backed counter card is what you are looking for. Counter cards can be made out of poster board, PVC board, or heavy card stock. The ability to have them laminated giving it a waterproof feature if you are in a restaurant and want to have it easy to clean. Counter cards can be printed in a multitude of sizes and shapes, and custom easel backs can be made to keep them within eye site of your customs or clients.

If an easel back isn’t what you are looking for we also offer custom shaped and put together pieces with our state of the art die cutting machines. We can make custom dies to fit your needs. With custom sticky backs to make counter top arches, counter top triangles and anything else you can come up with.

Have an idea you want to see if it will work on a counter card? Call us and we can help you turn that idea into reality. At Kelly Commercial Printing we strive to bring you the best quality printing with a quick turn around time. Call us to email us today.

Simple Marketing Monday – Year Long Coupon Book

coupon booklet
Custom printed Coupon Booklets for your company.

Are you looking to increase brand awareness, generate traffic, increase sales, and stimulate a trial. If you own a brick and mortar store or online store and want to keep guests coming back, a good idea might be to send or hand out year long coupon books. The idea behind the booklet is to provide a different coupon or coupons for every month, week, etc. The person would hold onto the booklet for a longer set time frame to cash in on the deal in the upcoming months. With the customer holding onto the booklet (most likely on the fridge with a magnet) they will see your branding every time they go to open the fridge. This idea works well for some retailers, restaurants, entertainment businesses and some service businesses.

The print outs could be a simple flyer that is mailed out to your surrounding area with 3 months worth of coupons, or a small booklet with pull out coupons for every month of the year. You can place them around your surround area or team together with other companies and put together a sharing program that gets customers moving between stores. If you are an online retailer you could still add active coupon codes based on a time frame and have them send in online orders. Making customers wait for a promotion will most likely keep you top of mind and keep the customer coming back for more savings.

Contact us together to help put together a coupon booklet or flyer for your business, we can walk you through the whole process and help you get the best return on your investment.

Promotional Products

Custom Printed Promo Items
100s of Custom Printed Promotional Items

Custom printed promotional products are a great way to spread word about your business. If you go to any type of trade shows you will see tables filled with custom pens, custom printed cups, note pads, literally anything that you could think to slap a logo on is given out to people. With all of these options how do you know what you should give away, what would return the best return for your investment? This is where Kelly Commercial Printing comes in, with our years of experience we make to to tailor your products that best fit your company needs. Why waste your money producing something that will only get thrown into the trash? We do research into what people will actually keep around, what will give your business the most exposure, and what products will give you the largest return on investment.

If you are looking for a few select items that can be given away for employee anniversaries, we offer a large scale of nicer and well put together products that will showcase your brand and show your employees that you care about them as part of your family. Some of our favorite products include bookbags, purses, clocks and jackets. If you want to see what works best for your company feel free to reach out, we would love to see what we can do for you company today.

Online Ordering

Online Ordering
Save time and money by offering direct sales materials send direct to your sales team.

Do you have a sales team spread throughout the United States that needs promotional and informational pieces to send to potential clients? Do you have a catalog that you want customers to be able to request and have sent to their door? No matter what you situation we have a solution that is right for you. Kelly Commercial Printing offers a simple and easy way for your connect between your company and your sales team or your company and your clients. We utilize our warehouse to allow for quick pick and packing of different pieces for different reasons. If your sales member in Nebraska needs 500 catalogs, 200 data sheets and 50 display cards, we will pack, shrink wrap and mail out the right pieces directly to their door.

With online ordering we offer dedicated ordering sites custom tailored to your needs or we can integrate with your current ordering system.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing what we can do to make your work load a little lighter.

11 Steps to PreFlight

PreFlight is a way to just go over your file to make sure any common errors when it comes to printing are easy to fix. You can set up different profiles for different output destination, so a project you might use for print might have different PreFlight needs then a project used for web or strictly a PDF. In this guide I will touch on the basic of printing outputs. I will show you how to set up a profile that we accept and will make your printing experience more streamlined.

1. Open your PreFlight panel if it already isn’t open. Go to the window pulldown, then output and PreFlight. This will open the PreFlight panel. It will display a few different pieces of information but only if errors are in your profile. You can see ahead of time if you will encounter any errors in your PreFlight by looking at the bottom left corner to see if the No Errors panel shows any.

PreFlight Error Bar
2 Errors in the bottom left of InDesign

PreFlight Textbox
Notice the errors in both text and image linking.

2. From the PreFlight panel menu, click on the menu button (shown below) and choose Define Profile.

Define Profile
Menu Location in PreFlight Panel

3. Once the PreFlight Profiles dialog box opens, you will now be defining new changes that best fit your document so click on the plus sign on the left hand side.

4. For the Profile Name you can name it anything you would like, if you follow this guide to send us a file you can name the Profile KCP so you know that it works with our standards.

5. To the right you will now have a few different options to choose from. First General is just for adding a description of what and why you would use this profile. Feel free to put whatever you would like into this box.

PreFlight general
General dialog box

6. Next is Links, by default Links Missing or Modified and Inaccessible URL Links are listed, we plan on keeping these setting for this profile.

7. For color, this is where it gets a bit tricky depending on if you are printing digital or offset. For digital prints you are fine with leaving all of these setting off. However for offset if you plan to use spot colors or printing in CMYK I would suggest reaching out to us if you need help. For offset CMYK printing click on COLOR > Color Spaces and Modes not Allowed and check that, then check everything but CMKY.

PreFlight CMYK
Remember these setting are only for CMYK if you want spot color they are different.

8. Now we will open IMAGES and OBJECTS, check the box, and open Image Resolution. The default setting of 250 will give you a nice image depending on the size of the piece printed. However we always suggest the lowest resolution of an image for print should be 300. If you are printing for larger pieces the larger the resolution should be. Below this is Non-Porportial Scaling of Placed Object, I prefer to have this on, so none of my images come out looking stretched out or crushed. Last thing in here is the Bleed and Trim hazard. This is helpful to make sure nothing important gets cut off. When making a booklet I suggest Check for Objects Near Spine so everything is clear after binding.

9. Under the TEXT drop down, the only thing I would suggest for the best when it comes to printed material is the Minimum text size, however due to legal notices at the bottom of some pages it might not fit your needs, if you are going for clear crisp looking text I would set it to at least 6pts.

10. We are almost done, the DOCUMENT drop down. Select Bleed and Slug Setup, you can leave the standard of 0.125 inches for all the sides, just make sure its checked.

11. That’s it click SAVE. Now when you go back to your PreFlight dialog box, make sure this profile is selected in the Profile Drop down.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out, we can also review your needs and setup a Profile for your project.