9 Reasons to use Print in Your Next Marketing Campaign

With the induction of social media and the cycle of things going in and out of people’s minds quickly. This is the best time for businesses to look into a shift in their marketing. Today when you think of traditional marketing the first things that would come to mind would be blogging, web articles, social media, and ads on google and bing. That would make print something unique and an outside of the box marketing.

1. Holds customers attention longer.

When people are online, their attention is pulled in different ways. One their phone they have push notifications, on a computer you have ads on the side of pages or an ever filling facebook or twitter feed. When customers hold onto something printed, it is just you and the customer at that moment. Outside distractions are limited to the persons on surroundings.

2. Readers remember and comprehend more.

During the USPS study, participants who saw printed ads were more likely to remember the ad, and their purchase intent increased overtime when the ad was shown over time to the same participant.

3. Works in combination with other advertising.

Adding links and QR codes to your printed materials allows for businesses to move customers from physical to digital with little effort. To do the same the other way around requires much more work.

4. Raises awareness over time.

64 percent of B2B companies create unique content to keep business of those 70 percent are using direct mail to help keep their business and products top of mind with customers and clients.

5. Attention-grabbing.

Brands are more likely to be remembered when the customer has a physical link to their product or an idea that what they have to offer is tangible.

6. Print gives an emotional reaction.

A study at Temple Univesity looked at 9 different attributes associated with physical vs digital media and found that an emotional was more associated with physical media.

7. People are looking to unplug.

Studies indicate that people check their phones on average every 6.5 minutes. With such a sharp rise in usage people are now looking for more ways to pull back and not have their faces buried in technology. This allows for print marketing to take hold and help people break away from their devices and bring their attention to traditional media.

8. Physical printing excites people.

With the decline in mail, when people do get something they are more likely to get excited when it arrives. People are now more likely to hold and read through.

9. Costs are constant

One of my biggest gripes with online advertising is that it isn’t an even playing field. If a keyword becomes more popular you are expected to pay out to compete. With print, everyone is on the same playing field. Want to send out mailers to everyone who lives in your city, you pay the same price and everyone else who wants to do the same.


Custom Sticker Printing

High Quality Vinyl Stickers

Custom Sticker Printing in New York
Custom Sticker Printing in Philadelphia

In all different shapes and sizes, from the simple square to a custom die cut shape. Perfect for all types of businesses and for personal use. Quick turn around, depending on the shape of quantity. All stickers can come on custom rolls for easy dispensing. Great items to give away to customers and clients so your company stays top of mind. Stickers can be used in situations such as product labels, business card stickers, window decals, bumper stickers and so much more. Have an idea for a sticker you think people will love? Try a small quantity and move up from there. Most popular stickers include the die cut shape stickers, circle and oval stickers, rectangle and square, bumper stickers, sheet stickers, kiss cut, rounded corner, clear backed, transfer. We can also produce large wall stickers for businesses or rooms. Also floor graphic stickers for enteric ways or for directing customers.

We can also produce mailing label stickers as well as return address labels, custom shapes and sizes for all postal needs. Inquire today to get your project going.

Contact us for help setting up your files or if you would like templates to lay the project out yourself.


Custom Catalog Printing in New Jersey
Custom Catalog Printing in Philadelphia

A full color catalog is one of the best ways to showcase products, pieces, or information to your customers and clients. Kelly Commercial Printing had the ability to print and bind catalogs. From catalogs as small as five pages, all the way up to full one hundred plus page catalogs. We can accommodate most sizes and paper stocks to make your catalog fit your business needs. At Kelly Commercial Printing we believe that your products deserve to be displayed with the highest quality of printing. We strive to meet that goal and ensure that they are.

Printing Capabilities

Kelly Commercial Printing have the capabilities to target your customers and mail the catalogs directly to their home or business. Your time is better spent focusing on your business and growing that, we can take care of the hard work in getting your message to your customers and clients. We strive to have cutting edge knowledge when it comes to high quality printing, binding and mailing services. Call or email us today with your ideas and we will turn them into a reality.



Counter Cards

Custom Printed Counter Cards in New York
Custom Printed Counter Cards in Philadelphia

Have a new promotion you want to inform your customers about? What about a sale that is currently going on? Do you want to promote an event or charity? A Table top easel backed counter card is what you are looking for. Counter cards can be made out of poster board, PVC board, or heavy card stock. The ability to have them laminated giving it a waterproof feature if you are in a restaurant and want to have it easy to clean. Counter cards can be printed in a multitude of sizes and shapes, and custom easel backs can be made to keep them within eye site of your customs or clients.

If an easel back isn’t what you are looking for we also offer custom shaped and put together pieces with our state of the art die cutting machines. We can make custom dies to fit your needs. With custom sticky backs to make counter top arches, counter top triangles and anything else you can come up with.

Have an idea you want to see if it will work on a counter card? Call us and we can help you turn that idea into reality. At Kelly Commercial Printing we strive to bring you the best quality printing with a quick turn around time. Call us to email us today.

Simple Marketing Monday – Year Long Coupon Book

coupon booklet
Custom printed Coupon Booklets for your company.

Are you looking to increase brand awareness, generate traffic, increase sales, and stimulate a trial. If you own a brick and mortar store or online store and want to keep guests coming back, a good idea might be to send or hand out year long coupon books. The idea behind the booklet is to provide a different coupon or coupons for every month, week, etc. The person would hold onto the booklet for a longer set time frame to cash in on the deal in the upcoming months. With the customer holding onto the booklet (most likely on the fridge with a magnet) they will see your branding every time they go to open the fridge. This idea works well for some retailers, restaurants, entertainment businesses and some service businesses.

The print outs could be a simple flyer that is mailed out to your surrounding area with 3 months worth of coupons, or a small booklet with pull out coupons for every month of the year. You can place them around your surround area or team together with other companies and put together a sharing program that gets customers moving between stores. If you are an online retailer you could still add active coupon codes based on a time frame and have them send in online orders. Making customers wait for a promotion will most likely keep you top of mind and keep the customer coming back for more savings.

Contact us together to help put together a coupon booklet or flyer for your business, we can walk you through the whole process and help you get the best return on your investment.

Promotional Products

Custom Printed Promo Items
100s of Custom Printed Promotional Items

Custom printed promotional products are a great way to spread word about your business. If you go to any type of trade shows you will see tables filled with custom pens, custom printed cups, note pads, literally anything that you could think to slap a logo on is given out to people. With all of these options how do you know what you should give away, what would return the best return for your investment? This is where Kelly Commercial Printing comes in, with our years of experience we make to to tailor your products that best fit your company needs. Why waste your money producing something that will only get thrown into the trash? We do research into what people will actually keep around, what will give your business the most exposure, and what products will give you the largest return on investment.

If you are looking for a few select items that can be given away for employee anniversaries, we offer a large scale of nicer and well put together products that will showcase your brand and show your employees that you care about them as part of your family. Some of our favorite products include bookbags, purses, clocks and jackets. If you want to see what works best for your company feel free to reach out, we would love to see what we can do for you company today.

Print Ready Files

PrePress Files
Warning with PreFlighting

Making print ready files is a process of preparing your digital files to work with our printing presses. This is the connection between the design process and the print process. At Kelly Commercial Printing we focus on the technical processes involved in your printing success. We go above and beyond when it comes to handling your projects and have everything printed just as it was intended. We want your next brochure, booklet, mailer, and more to look just the way you want it and have it as eye catching on paper as it was on screen.

PrePress Process

Our prepress team is trained to comb through your files to make sure everything is print ready, if something is wrong with the file we offer services to help correct the file from our end or we can give you the output of what went wrong so you can fix it yourself. Sometimes it is an easy fix and other times it might require a full overhaul of the work. Kelly Commercial Printing does offer a quick guide to preflighting your document, this however doesn’t cover everything for every job and is just a quick overview of what to expect. For your own custom quote on prepress services feel free to reach out to us.

Ready to Print?

That is great, to send us your files you can either email us your files if they are small enough, or contact us for files larger than 25mb, and we can set you up with access to our file uploader. If this isn’t something you are comfortable with and are located within the tristate area, we are more than willing to drive to you to pick up your files on a CD or USB Drive.

Mailing Services

Mailing Services
Mailing Services offered in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey and Surround Areas.

If you have 100 pieces that need to be sent to a focused businesses or people, or you have thousands of piece that you want to spread throughout a city. Kelly Commercial Printing has the right solutions to help fit your mailing needs both big and small. We specialize in handing postcards, self-mailers, newsletters, corporate brochures, invoices and so much more. Why waste your time printing out labels, then applying them along with a stamp. Dragging boxes and bags of mail pieces down to USPS only to have them be rejected. Kelly Commercial Printing is the place for you. We keep you up to date all along the way.

We offer a large range of mailing lists to best suit any need you might have. Want to send out a focused mailer to only tech companies in New York, we can do that. Or maybe you want to an age range and new home buyers, we can do that as well. If you can think of it, we can make it happen.

Our facilities are equipped with the newest in mailing and labeling technology. We offer variable data printing, duplicate searchers, customized letters, address corrections, list maintenance and processing for your monthly invoice needs.

Direct Mailing Services
One of the best ways to reach current and new customers is with postcards. Kelly Commercial Printing provides high quality postcard printing with a quick turn around time and delivery. Choose from different stocks, sizes and finishes. Feel free to contact us to learn about all the options offered.

Mailing List Services
If you have a list we can integrate that into your printing or we you can buy one of our custom lists that suit your needs. You sit back while we make sure you mailing piece gets into your customers hands.

USPS Regulations
If you want to design your own piece, know that we always keep up to date on USPS regulations to make sure there is no problem with your mailing. We make sure ever detail of your printing experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Custom Gift Cards & Gift Certificates

One of the best way to attract new customers and help keep existing customers around is with custom gift cards and certificates. If you have customers who love your store they will more then likely want to share the same experience with their friends and family. Offering custom gift cards to these people allow for you to gain new customers who are given gift cards. Newer customers who receive the gift card will already be in a pleasant mindset due to them having basically free money to spend in your store, which is most cases can lead to even a larger sale then the gift card value itself.

Custom Business Gift Cards
Custom Printed Gift Cards

At Kelly Commercial Printing we offer different custom Gift card and certificate options. If you already accept credit cards we can work with you to add magnetic stripe to the back for an easy way to load and unload the value of the card. You can design your gift card anyway you see fit with both silk and glass finishes, foil accents, spot UV coating, custom die cutting and variable data.

Custom Perforated rip out gift certificate  book and gold foil stamped gift certificates
Custom Perforated rip out gift certificate book and gold foil stamped gift certificates

For a more formal store you might want to look into gift certificates, a more personal approach where you can hand write out the details yourself. We can provide variable printing and perforated booklets to help keep track of all incoming and outgoing gift certificates. Custom Gift certificates also work as a great form of an IOU, if you currently don’t have the product in stock but want the recipient to know what they will be getting, custom gift certificates are a novel idea. Pairing this with custom printed ribbons can really take your company up a notch.

7 Free Small Business Resources (Invoicing & Legal)

Want to still look professional but are on a limited budget. Here are a few of our favorite free tools to Invoicing and gathering legal documents. While these are great for a quick go to, we can’t stress enough the need for someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to legal work. When it comes to invoicing there are pages of different paid and free (up to a certain amount of invoices) to choose from. Make sure to go through all the benefits of different software to see which is the best fit for your company.

Docracy  Legal documentation, created by a user base. While most are well put together and well written, remember that they offer. They cover everything from Non-Disclosure agreements, Consulting, Rental Agreements, and privacy policies. If anything they will provide a solid base to work with.

Free Invoice Generator The title says it all, this is a no thrills invoice generator. You enter your information, the information of the person you are selling to and it takes care of the rest. Add as many items as you want, you can then add discounts, shipping, and tax. Then with one click you turn your invoice into a PDF for emailing or printing. What I love the most about this site is that they don’t try to sell you anything.

Invoiceto.me Invoice to Me is just like Free Invoice Generator but allows you to tweak your final invoice a little bit more. With this website you can add custom wording before and after the invoice which is nice if you don’t collect right away and want your customer to be aware of when their bill is due. You can also add or delete rows as you see fit. Like the earlier site the files can be exported as a PDF for printing or emailing. They do allow for adding extra features for a price like estimates, tracking of time, expenses and mileage. Recurring Statements. Accepting payments online (the free version does allow for PayPal payments).

Kiss Kiss is a “Keep it Simple Security” for startups, they only offer two simple forms but when you want to start bringing more capital into your business and go seeking VCs, instead of paying for all the legal work they provide it all for you. They do warm you ahead of time to check with a lawyer before signing anything but its nice that you have something to start with.

Shake Simple way to create agreements and send them to all parties involved to have them signed and legal binding. Shake helps cut out all the paperwork you need to carry with you to get signed. They also provide a few of the most common templates that you can use. It is free to use, but I do believe that after a while they will start adding on paid for items. Its a unique idea however I don’t know how legally binding the contacts actually are.

Wave Ideal for small business owners who are looking for fast and easy accounting and invoicing. Everything they offer is free of charge with the hopes that you use them for payment processing where they make their money. They offer free services for Accounting, Invoicing, Lending, Payments, Payroll and Receipts.

Know of any tools you think should had made the list, leave a comment below and I will look into them.