Commercial Printing Definitions


According to various google searches a few of the most looked for definition involving commercial printing are listed below, here is a quick overview of what people are trying to find the definitions for all in one place, we also keep a printing dictionary which highlights most of what we talk about in this blog.

  • Printing Press: a machine with a various number of drums and cylinders for printing onto paper using plates and pressed letters made of iron or lead.
  • Offset Printing: Using a plate to ink and make an impression on paper
  • Collated Printing: The gathering and arrangement of sheets in an order while being printed, normally used when binding is attached to machine inline
  • Screen Printing: Using a screen with an image burned into it to transfer ink in a pattern onto fabric or other material. Normally used to make t-shirts
  • Lithographic Printing: A type of offset printing using metal plates only, while offset can be done with stone.
  • Raster Printing: Used a lot in digital printing, its a way of taking an image and making it compatible with digital printers like ones most commonly found at home.
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