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Creating reports and comments

After you create a profile, open a PDF document and open the Preflight dialog box. Choose the profile from the list and click the Analyze button as in Preflighting a file. A summary report then appears directly in the Preflight dialog box. The summary is an initial description of any errors found or a list of checked items and a statement confirming the file meets the conditions specified by the profile.

For a more informative document, you can create a report that lists the text summary and highlights on all pages in the document where errors are found. Click the Create Report button in the Preflight dialog box after analyzing a document to create a new PDF file as a report summary. When you open the PDF, you’ll see the first page listing the summarized comments for errors found, and on each subsequent page you’ll find highlights marking each area where an error was found as shown below.

Preflight Report Page
Preflight Report Page
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