Custom Boxes

Establish brand identity, and get the exact size/shape to fit your customers’ needs with promotional Custom Boxes! Printed on durable, bright white stocks with brilliant options like Akuafoil and Spot UV, promotional Custom Boxes grab attention on retail shelves and elevate your brand. They’re fully customizable and include custom die cutting and the option to add gluing services.

Types of Coating

Introduce a different look and distinction to your custom boxes with textured coatings. Texture leaves a lasting impression and delivers a difference that will set your product apart.

Spot ulta violet coating

Spot UV

Used to highlight a certain area such as a logo on the front of your box. Helps make your message or product stand out from the rest.

Full Ultra Violet Coating

Full UV Coating

If your product box might be out near the sun a good idea is to coat it so that the colors don’t fade. UV Coating also allows for a more glossy look that is more eye catching to your customers.

Types of Closures

Different products could require a different type of packing that suits them the best. Below is a list of our most common packaging closures. Everything can be tailored to fit your product the best. Call us today to find out what type of closure would fit your product.

Straight Tuck End

Straight Tuck End (STE)

One of the most popular type of box closures for cosmetic and retail boxes. The straight stuck ends allow for a more pleasing front face of the box. With both flaps being attached to the front panel and tucking behind the back and under the side flaps. Straight tuck end boxes include one side glued and is most commonly seen with boxed soaps.

Reverse Tuck End

Reverse Tuck End (RTE)

Like the straight tuck end, the reverse tuck end switches one of the ends to the rear panel of the box. The reverse tuck end boxes are produced with much less waste when die-cutting. They still require gluing alone one edge of the packaging. Not suitable for heavier products.

Tuck Top Auto Bottom

Tuck Top Auto Bottom (TTAB)

An auto bottom box is as easy as it sounds, as you begin to build the box the bottom will self construct. With auto bottoms the boxes must be glued in two different areas to construct the box. TTAB boxes are the best for a quick production line as they are the easiest to put together. They are also better suited for a heavier product.

Four Corners Beer Tray

Four Corner Beer Tray

Called a beer tray because they are commonly used at concession stands to carry food and drinks back to your seat. Can be used as retail clothing boxes, personalized with all types of possible printing and colors.