Direct Mailing Lists

Direct Mail Lists
Mailing Lists

Kelly Commercial Printing offers low priced, highly targeted lists, printing and mailing services. We offer a combination of experience, top notch service and results that speak for themselves. Kelly Commercial Printing offers a one stop solution to your needs.

We maintain outstanding relationships with the very best list compilers and list managers in the industry and offer you over 25 years of experience with ever aspect of the mailing process.

Whatever niche you are trying to target with your mailings we can put together a list that best fits all your needs. We can compile lists as narrow as medical conditions, student loans, auto owners, donor lists, bankruptcy lists, medical professionals and much more. We will make sure your mailing gets into the right hands and saving you money along the way.

Benefits of Direct Mailing Lists

Higher Response Rate Than Email: The DMA (Direct Marketing Association) has found that on average response rate of 4.4% verses email marketing that has a 0.12% response rate. Due to the rise in Email marketing Direct Mail now has become less cluttered and makes your message easier to get into peoples hands.
Capture the Readers Undivided Attention: With the rise of internet marketing people are more likely to look at something as pass it by quicker than before. With a piece of mail you get more time to capture the readers attention with no distractions.
Great Supplement to Digital Marketing: To really get your message across, try using a cross media strategy. Using emails as reminders so people are more likely to follow through with whatever message your mailing is trying to get across.
Offers A Tactile Interaction with your Brand: Physical mailing will give association to your brand and leave a better longer lasting impression on customers. Even with customers who don’t respond a more interactive piece of mail might stick around longer and keep your brand top of mind later.