EDDM - Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail EDDM Miailing

Want to get your postcard or mailing out to a whole neighborhood or city at the cheapest price possible? EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) would be the best solution for being able to saturate your targeted market. EDDM makes mailing simple removing the need for mailing lists and bulk mailing permits. USPS allows you to narrow down your audience using data they have collected from the census bureau so your investment is better spent.

  • No Mailing Lists: No need to spend and try to find the right mailing list to meet your needs.
  • No Postal Permits: Save up to $440 in postal fees and no need to fill out paperwork.
  • Defined Delivery Areas: Narrow down selected areas by income, age, and family size to make sure your mailing gets into the right hands.
  • Flexible Formatting Options: With sizes between 10.5″ long, 6.125″ high and upto 15″ long and 12″ inches high, EDDM gives you flexibility in design size.


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