Global Manufacturer Sales Supply Line

Cutting down overhead, while increasing the production of the sales team was the goal for one international manufacturer. We were able to come up with the best solution that made both the management and the sales team happy.

Challenge: A large multi-national company came to us with a problem. With sales people all throughout the country they wanted them to always have access to printed materials. They also wanted to provide a way for their sales team to mail out promotional material to new and potential clients.

Solution: We sat down with the company and listened to all of their needs. We put together a simple plan. Before all of this we would send all their marketing materials to the company and they would work off e-mail to get their sales team what they needed. We took the hassle out of responding to e-mails and having overhead in printing all the needs to be picked. We kept all of their promotional materials in house in our temperature controlled warehouse. We then set up a private web site for their sales team to log in and order supplies as needed. We added the feature for their sales team to send out pieces directly to our customers. All orders would pass through the head of sales to authorize any larger orders.

Results: With our system installed we were able to reduce overhead with the client. The client no longer needed to keep boxes on hand to ship out materials to their sales team. The client was able to stream line their whole sales operation and give their sales team more freedom to send out promotional products to customers. Over the first year of setting it up the quantity of materials sent out went up by nearly a quarter.

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