Case Study

Improved Outreach with Variable Printing

When a local business wanted to have their customers return during slow times of the years they turned to Kelly Commercial Printing for help. We sat down with the company to see where they could go about getting customers to return.

Challenge: The VP of Marketing for a local business wanted to increase traffic through their current loyalty program. He wanted to be able to reward his customers based on the amount they had spent in store over the year, and offer free gifts for their birthdays and other special events during the year. They approached us to help develop their customer outreach mailing.

Solution: First, we evaluated the database information the business had collected about their customers. Then,we created a birthday card to mail monthly to all customers with a birthday that month. The card included special offers on products, cash and other incentives. The offers varied for each customer based on the amount of money they spent in the prior year, as well as their frequency of visits throughout the months. For example, if a customer tended to only come in during winter months we would send deeper discounts for spring and summer month promotions to get them into the door.  The variable birthday card offers had up to eight different fields and a bar code that the business could scan upon redemption for further tracking. We worked with the business to develop offers appropriate for all customers.

Results: The variable birthday card proved to be a great way for the business to get their customers tore visit the property to redeem the offers and shop more. The coupon bar code helped them track redemption as well as the effectiveness and timeliness of the birthday card program.

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