In One Place

Our modern offset, digital and large format presses allow us to process all types of printing all in one place.

Focus and different printing techniques we make available is our response to our customers’ expectations and the comprehensive approach we adapt to support them. The versatility of this solution provides them with a guarantee of consistency of all materials regardless of the type of printing surface being used.


Dedicated software that allows a platform for collaboration in the print house to our clients and customers.

The platform allows complete control over the order and is integrated with the validation system for checking whether files have been appropriately prepared to be printed. Our modern and fully automated center serves up to 200 plus jobs a month.



Print using modern offset and large-format printing presses operated by skilled and experienced operators.

The system takes over the file and adjusts the parameters of intensity and color matching. During the printing process any deviations from the correct values are automatically corrected. A system of temperature and humidity management ensure peak working environment.


Printed materials are carefully checked at every stage of order-processing, and qualified machine operators supervise all processes on a regular basis.

Kelly Commercial Printing provides our Customers with a full range of bindery work done with high performance and modern devices. Full control of all activities guarantees final products of the highest quality.


Check and verify products to be distributed; we ensure that packages and pallets have been prepared correctly and that correct labels are placed.

Our in house logistics center and regional service teams that specialize in handling projects. We cooperate with reliable courier companies supervising their work. If needed we can handle deliver to fully meets our customers’ logistics needs.