Simple Marketing Monday

Simple Marketing Monday – Custom Newspaper

Custom Newspaper
Custom Newspaper

Best For All business types

Objective Increase awareness, increase frequency

Target The entire community

People put a high value on news and information about their own communities. Even when you can’t get the local papers to write about you, you can write about yourself, both for your existing customers and for prospective customers. This program consistently exceeds expectations. It’s an “advertorial” presented in a newspaper format, four pages printed in color. With this tool, you can promote just about anything, including features about regular customers or key employees and useful information about your area of expertise. You can also include testimonials, publicity reprints, coupons, punch cards, and even sales copy about employment opportunities.

You may be able to cut the cost by getting a vendor or vendors to underwrite some of the expense in exchange for prominent sponsorship ads. Your custom newspaper can be sent out as a self-mailer, inserted in a local or suburban paper, or even hand-distributed by employees. Businesses that have used this promotion tactic report sales increases of at least 10 to 12 percent, and some as high as 35 percent. It can be done two or three times a year. You may be surprised to learn that once you’ve done it a few times, your customers will complain if you stop.

Materials Custom newspaper


  • Eight weeks prior – Determine what you want to say, the offers you want to include and the distribution method – in the newspaper or in the mail.
  • Six weeks prior – Prepare write-ups and offers.
  • Four weeks prior – Review first draft of custom newspaper
  • Three weeks prior – Approve custom newspaper
  • Two weeks prior – Print custom newspaper and deliver or direct mail.
  • One week prior – Discuss program with staff
  • One day prior – Discuss program with staff again
  • Start – Redeem offers from custom newspaper
  • Six weeks after – Evaluate program
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