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Simple Marketing Monday – New Resident Direct Mail Program

New Resident Direct Mail Program
New Resident Direct Mail Program

Best For All consumer-oriented businesses

Objective Stimulate trail

Target New residents

As many as several hundred new residents a month move to within a three- to five-mile radius of your business, and most of them are anxious to learn about the businesses serving their new community. Sending these new neighbors a full-color mail piece for your business, along with an offer for a free product or service or some other special offer redeemable
at your location, is an effective way to stimulate new trials.

The latest digital printing technology makes these programs affordable, and they can be highly personalized. Be sure to include some visuals in your mailer, such as photos of your personnel and your location and any other imagery that will help the recipient visualize why he should patronize you. We offer addresses on a regular basis from a list broker.

Materials Self-mailers


  • Four weeks prior – Prepare photos
  • Three weeks prior – E-mail photos to us
  • One week prior – Discuss program with staff
  • Start – Collect redemptions
  • Ongoing – Once established, this tacit can easily be repeated every month. Track your redemption rate, collect customer information, and build your database.
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