Simple Marketing Monday

Simple Marketing Monday – Scratch-off Mailer

Scratch-off Mailer
Scratch-off Mailer

Best For Retailers, restaurants, some service businesses

Objective Increase awareness, create excitement, generate traffic, increase sales, and stimulate trail

Target Existing customers and potential new customers

This tactic works particularly well if you have multiple locations and/or concepts, or as a partnering opportunity with other businesses. It’s a flyer containing mystery gift certificates, with the offer hidden under a scratchoff box. Contact a local advertising agency, direct-mail specialist, or commercial printer to find out how to go about producing these. Mail the flyers to your database. If you don’t have a database, purchase a mailing list, or, if mailing is too costly, you can hand out the flyers. Customers bring the flyer into one of your locations, where an employee scratches off the offer to see what the customer has won.

Make sure your flyer explains what the prizes are, and make sure the prizes are of sufficient value to get people to come in. If you don’t have multiple locations, you can work a similar program by partnering with a dozen or so other businesses in your trade area. They could be stores in a shopping center located nearby, stores in a mall, or any stores that share your target customer base. For example, you can team up with other noncompetitive businesses, such as a gas station, a quick oil change facility, a car wash, a tire store, a muffler shop, or an auto repair shop.

If you’re handing out the flyers, once the customer gets the flyer at the first store, that customer has an incentive to visit all of the other stores on the flyer. Each of the participating stores shares in the cost of printing the flyers. They are distributed to each of the participants based on the expected weekly customer count during the week of the promotion. Support the flyer with a point-of-purchase display and other in-store marketing to make customers aware of the promotion.

Materials Customer gift certificate with scratch-off offers, merchant gift certificates or sporting/concert tickets


  • Six weeks prior – Make a list of merchants you want to partner with. Contact each merchant to explain the promotion and get a commitment. Explain that the printing costs will be split by all merchants.
  • Four weeks prior – Develop flyer with scratch-off
  • Three weeks prior – Send flyers with scratch-offs to print.
  • One week prior – Discuss program with employees. Have flyers shipped out (we offer all local and broad mailing services)
  • One day prior – Follow up with employees on plan of action.
  • Six weeks after – Evaluate program


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