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Stickers and Labels

Custom adhesive stickers and labels at some of the lowest prices in the area.

Looking for a company that can produce high quality, low price with a wide range of options for your next labels and sticker? Look no further, with high definition printing onto durable stickers Kelly Commercial Printing is the right place for all your printing. With different materials and textures, we can find the right label and sticker for you.

Custom sizes to fit any artwork.

There are a wide range of finishes available with custom options to tailor your label and stickers to the needs and budget of your project.

Gloss Label and Stickers Matte Sticker and Labels


Gloss stickers consist of a highly glossy finish which is a very popular choice for most applications


Matte stickers have a satin-like effect with a non-shiny and non glossy finish. Great for non reflective applications.

 Clear Stickers and Labels  Metallic Stickers and Labels


Clear stickers use transparent vinyl where only the areas of your artwork are printed and the rest is transparent.


Metallic stickers provide a luxurious look for any artwork thanks to the shiny metallic surface.

Custom labels that fit your exact needs with any shape, any size and any artwork!

There are a wide range of finishes available with options to tailor your labels to your precise needs and budget. Once you’ve selected your choice of finish, you can choose from any shape or size and finish to truly make the piece your own. We will make sure that you get the right piece that fits your company.

Large range of finishes for any project needs.

Different finishes are all different for different needs. Give us a call if you need help figuring out what would work best for your project.

To order, give us a call today! We can find the right printing service for you.

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