Print Ready Files

PrePress Files
Warning with PreFlighting

Making print ready files is a process of preparing your digital files to work with our printing presses. This is the connection between the design process and the print process. At Kelly Commercial Printing we focus on the technical processes involved in your printing success. We go above and beyond when it comes to handling your projects and have everything printed just as it was intended. We want your next brochure, booklet, mailer, and more to look just the way you want it and have it as eye catching on paper as it was on screen.

PrePress Process

Our prepress team is trained to comb through your files to make sure everything is print ready, if something is wrong with the file we offer services to help correct the file from our end or we can give you the output of what went wrong so you can fix it yourself. Sometimes it is an easy fix and other times it might require a full overhaul of the work. Kelly Commercial Printing does offer a quick guide to preflighting your document, this however doesn’t cover everything for every job and is just a quick overview of what to expect. For your own custom quote on prepress services feel free to reach out to us.

Ready to Print?

That is great, to send us your files you can either email us your files if they are small enough, or contact us for files larger than 25mb, and we can set you up with access to our file uploader. If this isn’t something you are comfortable with and are located within the tristate area, we are more than willing to drive to you to pick up your files on a CD or USB Drive.