Sales Sheets

Do you deal with customers and clients and offer a product or service? Then you most likely use or need a sales sheet. A sales sheet is a great piece of promotional material to leave behind or mail out to clients and customers. What goes into a great sales sheets, what will grab the readers attention, what else do you hand out with the sales sheet?

Custom Sales Sheets in New Jersey
Custom Sales Sheets in Philadelphia

Sales Sheet Paper Stock

Most sales sheets are 8 1/2 x 11 on 100# stock. If you really want to make your product or service stand out we suggest different paper stock. If you sell outdoor products or something more focused on building. Try an organic material that reflects your business. A recycled stock might be something that you client would see as a reflection of your company. If your client is someone who tends to work in an area that the sheer might get wet or dirty, we offer stock that would hold up longer over time and with more ware. Having your sales sheet laminated for worst of conditions. With a large variety of paper stocks and finishing options we can find something that works best with your company and clients.

What to put on your Sales Sheet

Most sales sheets are a 8 1/2 x 11, so while you might think that you should cram everything you can onto both sides it might not be what your customer wants. How many times have you been given a flier or seen an ad with just paragraph after paragraph of text? People want the facts, quick easy and in a easy to read order. People also want to see pictures if you are selling a physical product. A sales sheets is more of a this is what we have to offer, the sales person should be the one answering the more involved questions. A good sales sheet would show your customer why you are different from everyone else, make sure that you highlight the facts that make you better. The last and most important thing a sales sheet needs is a call to action. What good would it do if the customer wasn’t given a way or told to contact you. We are willing to help you with all the steps along the way of putting together and printing your sales sheet.

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