9 Materials every small business must have

Every shopkeeper knows the size of the effort required to overcome the barriers that lead to the purchase. A structured and organized store, good sellers and the best prices are not enough for the effective disclosure of your business. A store needs to be advertised, known and recognized by consumers and especially its target audience.

A good way to achieve this is through the dissemination of graphic materials, which are the direct point of contact of your brand with your customers. So in today’s post, we’ve put together 9 tips on promotional materials that are essential to your business. Follow:


The notebook is your trademark throughout the year. Product suitable for all types of small businesses.

Table Calendar

Check the customers’ day-to-day presence all year round. The table calendar is suitable for all types of shopkeepers.

Wall Calendar

Perfect personalized piece to keep customers loyal. The wall calendar is suitable for all types of shopkeepers.

Business Card

Invest in the best impression the customer will have from your store with a business card. Product suitable for all types of shopkeepers.


The folder is indicated for customization of your sales actions. Product suitable for all types of shopkeepers.

Loyalty Card

Make sure your customers will always come back. Post the frequency in the establishment through the loyalty card and present the most frequent customers. Product suitable for all types of shopkeepers.


Be objective in your communication and guarantee the success of actions. The flyer is the ideal material for actions that need to inform the client in a direct and effective way, without making him waste time and the company, the investment. Suitable for all types of shopkeepers.


The launches and differentials of your store can be easily worked in the brochure. This material allows the most important information to be highlighted, without other details being missed. Product suitable for all types of shopkeepers.


Invest in an attractive layout and direct communication to succeed with your store’s promotional flyer. Product indicated for all or shopkeepers cough.

Do you want to produce any of these promotional materials? Contact us and learn how we can help you.

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