Control Strips

What are control strips? The control strip is printed at one end of the sheet and its purpose is to provide the printer with a guide to the qualities of the print. Some printers edit and create special types of control strips for specific jobs, however, certain conventions are generally used standard. Among the most …

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Page or sheet?

What is the difference between sheet and page in the graphic industry? Many times these terms are confused and used as synonyms, but the truth is that they are totally different, especially if we focus on the graphic industry. The thin sheet of paper we use as a printing substrate is called a sheet, and …

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Print Checklist

We have prepared a checklist of the main issues you should consider when “finishing” your art. Checking the checklist avoids any issues involved with pre-printing your art. The result of the printout in the pre-press, production and finishing steps depends directly on the attention to the items in this checklist: The final format and number …

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