Everything you need to know about canvas

You’ve likely seen something printed on canvas. Known for its gallery-wrapped frame. It can turn your photo or image into a true work of art. Check out in this article everything you need to know about canvas, amazing material that is giving you something to talk about! ūüôā

Canvas being painted

What is Canvas?

The English word¬†“canvas” comes¬†from the Latin¬†cannapaceus¬†and¬†means “made of hemp”. The relationship with the modern sense associated with¬†“screen or frame” is and¬†we’ll explain. But first let’s talk a little bit about the cannabis controversy. The plant that pleases some and condemned by others.

According to historical records,¬†cannabis, the first non-food¬†cultivated plant. Which gave it the responsibility of having another thousand functions, precisely¬†25,000 different utilities. One of them,¬†as you¬†might be imagining, is used to make the canvases of paintings, which in the past centuries were made of hemp fabrics and therefore recognized in this way. Already returning to our current definition,¬†the canvas¬†is a¬†rustic-looking matte¬†synthetic fabric material. Some models may look like cotton texture and others with a canvas. That’s why it’s related to a work of art.

Printed Canvas

Material, finishing, and applications

Canvas is an intermediary between¬†fabric and canvas.¬†It’s not very malleable, but it’s not very plastic either. It can be described¬†as a closed synthetic¬†fabric, with acrylic coating and which is usually based on cotton. Its¬†flexibility¬†prevents the print from looking “cracked”. The material stretched, and will always have the seam finish¬†and matte¬†appearance. More matte than the matte canvas print, for example.

The compatible pigmented inks or¬†dyes allow¬†it to be used for printing¬†posters,¬†screens, and commercial¬†decoration.¬†Since, unlike canvas – a similar type of material – the canvas is best suited for use¬†in indoor areas.¬†That is, it is a product that is very¬†used in visual communication¬†in banner¬†format, stage¬†background,¬†and backdrop. Those common panels in shows – for example. But, what many people don’t know is that it can also be used¬†for displaying images. Displayed at home or in the home office.

Use on the market

Want a differentiated visual impact? Invest in canvas! This material widely used in museums, art exhibitions, events, in the identification and decoration of environments, mainly.

In the production of banners, we recommend vinyl over canvas. Due to the sides of this material do not warp, as can happen with the canvas. In addition, its matte feature provides better use in environments with lots of lighting. As is the case in places where filming takes place.

Isn’t Canvas what’s missing to give that special touch to your home, office, or commerce? Invest in decoration! You just have to imagine!

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